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Healing is an evolution, and requires the ongoing participation of therapist and client to achieve great results!

 The saddest comment ever is "I can't afford it".  It's the same as saying, "I'M NOT WORTH IT"

Are you going to let money limit your desire to heal your mind and body?  Do you think God won't provide enough money if you step forward in faith? 

He Will...  You're worth it! Honor YOURSELF and GOD by putting yourself and your healing needs first! It's not selfish. It's what you need to do to heal yourself.

Most of my clients work with me for a MINIMUM of 3 months to achieve great results and make long-lasting life changes.   If you begin the healing path with a positive attitude, and follow the path God prepares for you, you'll have more energy, more stamina and more power to change your life for the positive!

The Choice Is Yours!

Once your session is paid for online, you will be contacted by phone to arrange for date(s) and times for your appointment that will be convenient for you.

You may book by the session, or save dramatically by booking monthly sessions.


Appointments can be arranged

IN PERSON at 2 locations:

Glendora or Santa Monica


or by PHONE or SKYPE

(with or without video cam).



By The Session

30 Minute Session
30 Minute Session

60 Minute Session
60 Minute Session

90 Minute Session90 Minute Session

First appointments should allow for a minimum of 60 minutes.


Monthly Sessions

Weekly Sessions - Payable Monthly In Advance ... Book Monthly and SAVE!

Four - 30 Minute Sessions4-30 Minute Sessions

(A $36 savings)

Four - 60 Minute Sessions4-60 Minute Sessions

(A $60 savings)

Four - 90 Minute Sessions4-90 Minute Sessions

(An $80 savings)




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