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What's Ahead In 2012?

We have available to us, unlike any other time in history, the opportunity to take control of our lives in a positive way.  As time collapses around us, we are learning how to be in control through surrender.  Yes, (go ahead and laugh) I said control through surrender. 

We have taken control at the expense, many times, of other human beings, the animal kingdom and the Earth herself.  The life model we have collectively created is dominantly masculine, and the feminine has had to take a back seat, until now.  I’m not talking about women’s rights.  I’m talking about the inherent nature of the woman to nurture, to understand and to bring compassion into relationship with all that exists, and to be honored for it! 

Think about what that would mean for you this year.  Where are you ready to be open and honest about your wounds and apply compassion and nurturing toward yourself?  When you don’t love and bring compassion to your own wounds, you can’t be compassionate toward others.

Where are you pushing your masculine power and dominance over others, instead of applying understanding and compassion?  Are you ready to forgive yourself? 

Where are you out of balance, either too passive or too aggressive? 

Where are you seeking to be right, rather than actively listening to the other’s point of view?  Where are you seeking peace at any price, rather than speaking your truth in love? 

Where are you making your own self interests and needs more important than the interests of those close to you? 

We all have negative traits and habits that can be changed, and the opportunity is ripe this year. 2012 ushers in two things; breakdown and rebirth.  Through the feminine cycles of birth, death and rebirth we have the opportunity to be loved and nurtured in compassion as we let go of our own negative patterns.  To heal our world, we must heal ourselves.

It has been said that 2012 is the year that ushers in love and oneness for humanity.  It can be and will be for those who choose it and take action by relinquishing control and surrendering to higher principles of common good, rather than looking out for #1.  For those, however, who continue seeking survival through traditional ways, it will mean breakdown and destruction.

So which do you choose; the path of choosing surrender, or the path of destruction?

I choose to surrender.


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