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Path of Healing Workshops

Introduction Workshop

2-Hour Workshop - Via Online Webinar

Why am I here?  Why am I sick?  Why is life so hard?  Where is God?

The ‘Heart Healer’ brings light to these questions and more, and provides the opportunity for ultimate healing of your mind, emotions and physical body.  Elyce teaches you how to become aware of what’s holding you back and how to release it by using simple universal truths that are no longer being taught.  Renew your connection to your Creator and learn practical ways to change your life so you can experience peace, joy and a positive outlook on life. 

This is STEP 1 To Ultimate Healing!

Workshop Starting In January - Sign-up Today!


Workshop Series

12-2 Hour Workshops - Via Online Webinar

Monthly, The 3rd Sunday of each month will feature 12 Classes at $75 each, charged to your credit card monthly on the first of each month. Start times TBA.

Workshop Series require a 6 month minimum commitment.  The class download will be sent automatically to participants, so if you miss a workshop, you can make it up in your own time.

Elyce will provide interactive teaching once per month in a group setting.  Class will include teaching, guided meditation, Q & A and group discussion.  People who sign up for the workshop series will receive a 25% discount on all private sessions.

Workshop Starting In January - Sign-up Today!

$75 - Introduction Workshop

$75 Per Month - Workshop Series



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