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UN Spirituality Week

October 20-28, 2011


By Elyce Monet


Our visit to the United Nations was nothing short of AMAZING.


The first day after our arrival, we were warmly received by our filmmaker,Vinanti Castellarin of Global Cultural Diversity Films, Inc.  She has dedicated her life to creating films about women who make a difference to the world. Finding me over a year ago, she has been relentless in her pursuit of getting me out to the public!


Vinanti escorted us to the NEW LIFE EXPO at The New Yorker Hotel, where we were given one room that had not yet been promised for that evening (left exclusively by Spirit for us).  We had an opportunity to share our truth about the importance of BALANCE, HARMONY and ONENESS with all that exists.  Following my presentation of the issues we face today and the lessons from prior civilizations who were out of balance, Ruben Saufkie, Allen Talayumptewa and Yokvaya Saufkie (three Hopi brothers) shared their stories about the Hopi culture and belief system as the microcosm of the macrocosm.  They performed Indian chanting and drumming to liven up the event and encouraged all to go into their hearts.  This was definitely our theme of the week: OUT OF THE HEAD and INTO THE HEART
The next day we were filmed by Mitchell Rabin of A Better World, www.abetterworld.net, who interviewed us concerning the Hopi Culture and Prophecy and why we were in NYC for UN Spirituality Week.  Mitchell captured on camera the Hopi Sacred Eagle Dance to be a blessing for the world.  Then it was off to the radio station, where Ruben and I were on a guest panel with Dr. Carl Calleman, an authority on the Mayan Calendar.  We discussed its ending date being October 28, 2011 (just two days away from the interview date) and what it might mean.  We all agreed that no one really knows what it signifies, and that we are writing the blueprint for our new reality.  It’s an amazing time, and we were honored to share with Dr. Calleman in the interview.  Thanks, Mitchell, for the opportunity.  We recommend you log on to Mitch’s website and listen to his amazing interviews on both radio and TV!

Our filmmaker then guided us to Occupy Wall Street to get our take on the movement. Ruben, Allen and I all agreed that it was not the right place for our work.  While we respected the people who were called to stand up against the Machine, we felt our work was to get people to go internally and into self-responsibility, in forgiveness and oneness with all.  We have a different message that goes beyond the fight; yet we recognize and honor what they stand for in the Occupy movement all around the world, and we all agreed that things need to change!


Then on Tuesday, October 25, we had an opportunity to STAND UP AND DELIVER our message of LEADERS IN CRISIS:  FINDING PEACE AMID CHAOS – Egypt, Atlantis and The Hopi Prophecy.  After a last-minute venue change, the Hilton Hotel near the UN offered us prime space; thus we had the opportunity to be walk our talk as leaders in crisis!  We persevered, and the event went on with the flow and energy of Divine Peace and Understanding. 


Our presentations were well received by those in attendance.  The Hopi message was delivered complete with the Sacred Eagle Dance that conveyed the prayers of the people to the heart of our Creator.  It seemed that everyone in the audience felt a sense of peace and awe, including United Nations Special Adviser for Development Programs, S. Shahid Husain.  Afterward, he spoke with me for more than 45 minutes on how grounded and practical our message was, and how he would be delighted to host us at the UN main building next year, when the renovations are complete. 


For those of you who don’t know, the UN main building has been undergoing solar energy installation, and much of it has been shut down.  All meetings of the Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) who work to support the Ambassadors were off premises.      



Egypt, Atlantis & Hopi Prophecy

We want to recognize some of our other attendees, including Sean John, owner of SPUR TREE RESTAURANT, who treated us to EXCEPTIONAL CUISINE the evening before; Adetutu Alagbede, IFA PRIEST (African Wisdom Teacher); Ashley Young, cinematographer on The Red Feather Project,; Patrick Nickisch, Chief International Coordinator for the World Yoga & Naturopathy Congress in India and Executive Director of the United Religions Initiative in Belgium; and the wife of the late Dr. Ewert A. Cousins, who wrote about Indigenous Tribes of North America.  These were some of the REMARKABLE PEOPLE in our audience.  We thank you for attending, for supporting and for filming our events.  We are HONORED by everyone who attended.


The following morning, I met with Patrick Nickisch.  During his interview of me, he invited me to be a KEYNOTE SPEAKER at the World Yoga and Naturopathy Congress in Bangalore, India in February 2012.  I ACCEPTED!  Having never been to India, it was an exciting invitation and I look forward to bringing the message of HEALING through the HEART and ONENESS to an eager international crowd. 


Following the on-camera interview with Patrick, we were hurried by our filmmaker to the UN Church Building, where we first attended a special meeting on the situation in Afghanistan.  Two women, who had risked their lives to bring change to Afghanistan, gave a presentation about what is happening to women.  They stated that the Civil Societies of the UN were making great inroads in assisting women who have not had a voice, but that it is the men who need to be educated about a woman’s role in society.  They stated that the men in Afghanistan are blaming women as the cause of the war, because for the first time in history they are taking a stand for their own worth and value.  Many women have been beaten, raped and abused, and their money taken by their husbands after they have worked long and hard to earn it to buy food for their families. 


The issue of Women’s Security was up for discussion a few days later in the United Nations, and I was pleased to learn that UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon called for much greater involvement by women in conflict prevention and mediation as essential building blocks in reinforcing democracy.  He said, “Women’s participation remains low, both in official and observer roles. This has to change.”  He pledged that the United Nations would lead by example, and noted that the number of women leading UN peacekeeping, political and peace-building missions had gone up to six out of 28 missions over the past year. For the full article, see: http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.aspNewsID=40229&Cr=women&Cr1=conflict+prevention





youth empowerment

After this fascinating update, we went downstairs to attend a meeting in the Chapel About Youth Empowerment.  There we met Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhurty.  His initiative in March 2000 as the President of the UN Security Council achieved the political and conceptual breakthrough that led to the adoption of the ground-breaking UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security.  What an honor to meet a man who understands PEACE AND the importance of the role of WOMEN to achieve it!


We were also delighted to meet Monica Willard, Executive Director of United Religions Initiative, NYC, a delightful and spiritual sister who does wonderful work at the UN.  We had an opportunity to meet Father Michael Lapsley, SSM, Institute for Healing of Memories, Cape Town, South Africa, and Deborah Moldow, The World Peace Prayer Society. Reverend Kathleen Stone, Chaplain of the Church Center for the United Nations, asked if the Hopi could come back in the morning to perform the Sacred Eagle Dance, but their flight was already scheduled.  She invited us all back to do it next year! 


On Thursday, October 27, my three Hopi brothers boarded the plane to return to Hopiland, Arizona.  We had a wonderful breakfast together, talking about the progress that we had made, reflecting on the wonderful people we had met, and agreeing that this was just a beginning. 


After saying goodbye to the Hopis, I continued the exciting journey on our behalf


Patrick Nickish invited us to a round-table workshop with the CSVGC, the NGO Committee on Spiritual Values and Global Concerns.  We broke into two groups, and I was asked to present on behalf of our group; Patrick presented on behalf of his group.  It was a perfect balance of who we are BEING as spiritual/visionary leaders, and what we can DO to assist the UN General Assembly in our actions toward achieving world peace and global oneness.  Both groups worked as communities, bringing together plans for the future none of us could have designed individually.  The process was a beautiful example of how we can all work together as a community to bring about a better world in acceptance and diversity, with a common goal toward peace.  I was honored to have been selected to speak.  There I met Sharon Hamilton-Getz, President of CSVGC, and Eugenia Kagawa, Executive Assistant to the President Deputy-Director, Universal Peace Federation.  What amazing women!  I was also introduced to Swami Parameshananda and Swamini Sri Lalitambika Devi, whom I found to be powerful forces of light and love. 


After a quick meal of some of the most remarkable vegetarian Indian food I had ever eaten, we returned for the workshop entitled “Developing Global Citizens for a Sustainable Society:  Why Is the Spiritual Dimension an Essential Component of Education for the 21st Century?”  Speakers included Ambassador Lhatu Wangchuck from the Kingdom of Bhutan, the only country in the world who measures its success by the HAPPINESS of the people.  What a wonderful country and a wonderful man!  I was honored to meet him several times during my stay, and was invited to his country to witness its achievements first-hand.  I think a trip to Bhutan is in my future. 


Also on the panel were Mr. William Yotive, Supervisor at the UN for Education, who was instrumental in the series Sesame Street; Ida Urso, Ph.D., Integrative Spiritual Psychologist; John Wulsin, Teacher in New York’s Green Meadow Waldorf School; and Danilo Parmegiana, Executive Director of the Legion of Good Will.  The panel was thought provoking, with questions that deserve answers, such as: Why don’t we teach our youth to be GLOBAL citizens?  How can we create this mentality in our schools worldwide, cultivating respect and honor for each other?  With the advent of the internet, we are now a global society.  It’s time we began to honor each other and live in peace, don’t you think? 


All these panelists are working toward that goal, and your assistance and ideas count.  I look forward to continued communication for the better education and empowerment of our youth.  My non-profit group, Parangello Players, will be applying for ECOSOC consultative status at the United Nations where we will seek to launch youth empowerment, the arts, women and spirituality programs.


The final day of my visit to the UN, before heading off to play with a childhood friend, was spent at the UN main building, where I enjoyed walking through and experiencing the meditation room, exhibits, wall hangings and art from around the world.  I was especially interested in a wall hanging donated by Latvia, of a woman who carried light and love.  Could it represent the Feminine Divine Spirit entering the planet?  Could this have been a visionary artist who saw that the feminine aspects of God – such as understanding, compassion and forgiveness – are what will take us into operating in peace, balance and harmony?


Again we crossed paths with Ambassador Whang, Kingdom of Bhutan, and while he couldn’t take time to talk, he again invited me to his country and offered his blessings. 


After a brief walk to the UN Plaza, we met a very small group of spiritual visionaries on the 7th floor for a private meditation for the United Nations and the world.  My experience during the meditation was extraordinary.  I can only hope it was a picture of what is to come for the planet.  My heart was so wide open that I could only share through tears of joy! 


Swami Parameshananda walked me to the next meeting, sharing love and oneness as we talked about the beauty of the meditation and my experience during UN Spirituality Week.  The week closed with music, laughter, dance and meditation.  What a wonderful way to end a perfect week!


Elyce Monet

My thanks and love to all who received us in love and oneness, and for taking our message to heart.  It’s truly a time for all of us to go within and understand our connection with each other, the Earth and the Cosmos.  As we grasp and embody the principles of the heart of oneness, we can go beyond this world’s power and control model, and some day soon we will experience peace on Earth.


I will be in touch soon to describe upcoming projects and get your input and assistance.  We are all in this together!






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